Exploring the North: road trips to remember

Northern countries have special sharm – you feel it from the first view you see arriving there. Iceland is one of the places where you can commit with the nature to the fullest. So if you are into such things  and beautiful North landscapes I highly reccommend those two road trips, wich must be on every north lover’s checklist. Also do not forget about  the advices on arranging the coolest road trips of the North, wich were on the previous article!

Myvatn / Iceland Highlights

Iceland – Ring Road

Iceland is the most mystical and probably also the most lonely island of Europe and therefore almost made for a road trip. Especially thanks to the ring road that goes around the whole island. For your circumnavigation of the island, it is best to start in the capital Reykjavik and then head south to the small town of Vík í Mdal. Here you have to see the Chancem one of the absolutely coolest beaches of the world, the Black Sand Beach.

On your way you can stop at the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. This is not only one of the highest on the island, but you can also walk behind the waterfall. Further east you pass the ice lagoon Jökulsárlón. Here you can really get close to the blue shimmering icebergs and if you are lucky you can even see some hard boiled seals floating around in the icy floods.

Especially at sunrise the glacier lake is a really horny sight. Since a glacier hike on the small island is a must, you can do it right in the adjacent Vatnajökull National Park. As soon as you continue driving along the east coast, you may even come across some reindeers that are only found in the east of the island.

In the north of the island you should definitely plan a bit more time in the area around Matn. Here you are surrounded by volcanic craters, bubbling mud pools and crystal clear lakes. After your discovery tour you can relax in the Matn Natural Bath. Before you venture into the west of Iceland, you can experience how the islanders lived here in the 19th century in the Glaumbaer museum complex. On your way back to Reykjavik, you should make a short detour to the deserted Vatnsnes peninsula and the Grábrók volcanic crater.

 From Hamburg to Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries exert a real attraction on me and I think a road trip is really appropriate in order to get to see as much of these countries as possible. The best way is to start in Hamburg and head for Denmark to Odense. Here you can marvel at a real Viking ship before you go on to Copenhagen. Of course you can’t miss the classics like the little mermaid and Nyhavn.

But before you set off for Sweden, you should definitely get a Smørrebrød – there’s one at every corner and it tastes great. In Stockholm you need time again to explore the many beautiful corners of the city. A boat trip to the archipelago is also a must.

Through the interior, the Lake Country, you drive once through whole Sweden up to Oslo. Take your time to enjoy the beautiful landscape and take lots of pictures. Here it is good to have rental cars 24h to help you incase of anything during your ride.

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