Best epic road trips in the world

Roadtrip from New Zealand to South Island will bring you a lot of new memories and bright moments that will stay with you forever! If you are a lover of road trips adventures get a car and go after this! If you want more ideas of road adventures read my next guide on planning the coolest road trips of the North!

New Zealand – South Island

For a roadtrip in a country like New Zealand it’s best to rent a campervan. Then you are not dependent on accommodation or even camping sites and can change your plans spontaneously.

We start in Christchurch on the east coast of the island. From here we head west on the Scenic Inland Route to Lake Tekapo. For the trip there you can plan a bit more time, because you will certainly stop often to take pictures and admire the horny landscape. Once you arrive at Lake Tekapo, reserve a nice spot by the lake for the sunset, which is a hundred times more beautiful here than elsewhere.

Then we continue to Wanaka. On your way there you should definitely make a detour to Omarama and have a look at the clay cliffs. In Wanaka you have the opportunity to deep canyon through a gorge and experience a real adventure, including jumps into the water up to 14 meters high!

Canada – Icefields Parkway

Canada is probably the ultimate road trip country! The horny landscapes and the wild animals alone make almost every minute a real adventure. During our Canada trip we were especially taken by the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper.

Right after the small village Lake Louise we start on Route 93. The road takes you past many lakes, if you don’t want to stop at all, then at least choose Peyto Lake. The best view of Peyto Lake is from Bow Summit, the highest point of the park. To let your eyes wander over the typical wide landscape, stop at the Saskatchewan River Crossing. Here three rivers flow together in an open valley and offer an ingenious picture.

Another great vantage point is the parking lot near Panther Falls, which overlooks part of Icefields Parway. Then continue to Columbia Icefield, which is the largest accumulation of ice south of the Arctic Circle and provides a truly blatant landscape. If you’ve been on the glacier ice enough, the road will take you next to Athabasca Falls.

Behind the 23 metre high waterfall is the turquoise blue Athabasca River, which winds its way through the valley. For the last leg to Jasper you can take the smaller road 93A instead of the Icefields Parkway. As it is only through the forest, you have a better chance of encountering wild animals such as bears or moose.

If you can’t afford to take your car with you on these routes there are many of choices of rental cars 24h. Using this service you will avoid all the complications, so get on the board and fill your life with adventures!

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